A selection of works with the scenes they were written for


The Dark Side of Football (various clips) – Dir: Gemma Charles

Sporting documentary about the depression and other emotional pitfalls that retired professional footballers can often face.




Room for Rent (various clips) – Dir: Stephan Mirré

A short light-hearted comedy about a young woman advertising for a flatmate who is disappointed with the people she has met so far. One particular applicant comes across badly and she is not impressed until a twist of fate brings them back together…

Room for Rent (Short Film) from Stephan Mirré on Vimeo.


Jagoda (various clips) – Dir: Lex Pokane-Hefner

Zero budget horror feature-length indie film about a young women who is unsure if she is going insane or whether her nightmarish visions are real….




Tough Guy (various clips)

A suspenseful horror-thriller short film about a young hoodlum’s unsavoury past coming back to haunt him…