Here is a selection of some music by type (click on links below to jump to the relevant playlist)

Orchestral – high energy / action;    Orchestral – suspense / atmospheric;    Comedy / light-hearted;    Ambience – textural / sound design;    Other


Orchestral – high energy / action

A selection of orchestral cues incorporating energetic filmic styles such as John Williams  fantasy / action to out and out horror / suspense.

  1. Champion of the Sky Ring - a fun, long and melodic action packed cue written to the first Harry Potter Quidditch scene (watch together if you can!) Aaron Narayan-Taylor - 8:32
  2. Give Us a Hug! - My own take on the famous 'face-hugger' scene from the film Aliens. Suspenseful, menacing and with an action packed finale. Watch together with the scene if you dare! Aaron Narayan-Taylor 4:27
  3. Kirsty and Miles Meet - Jagoda _ Miles tells Kirsty of a ghostly legend... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:35
  4. Its Time (Bleeding Fingers contest entry) - My entry for the Bledding Fingers contest. A kind of superhero cue which builds from humble beginnings. Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:02
  5. End Credits - Jagoda_a fun melodic horror cue Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:53
  6. Bernie's Walk - Inspired by the famous woods assassination scene in the film Miller's Crossing. A slow tense walk becomes increasingly anxious as Bernie pleads for his life... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:45
  7. Clairvoyant Scene - Jagoda_The clairvoyant sees something terrifying... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:19


Orchestral – suspense / atmosphere / subtle

A selection of more low key orchestral cues dealing in atmosphere and tension but some with bursts of energy here and there.

  1. Kirsty's Theme - Jagoda_a beautiful delicate theme for a tormented young lady Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:30
  2. Main Theme - My Plan to Escape_a sensitive theme for solo cello builds to a highly melodic statement Aaron Narayan-Taylor 4:39
  3. Eventide Duet_excerpt - Excerpt of night themed orchestral piece Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:46
  4. Kitchen Demonic scene - Jagoda_poor Kirsty - A gentle beautiful varaition on Kirty's theme Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:47
  5. Kirsty Jogging - Jagoda_something is not quite right...An anxious cue full of unease and suspence with an explosive climax! Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:11
  6. Ouija Board Scene - Jagoda_don't do it! Creepy suspense surrounds the girls' activities... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:52
  7. Dr Faber Nightmare Scene - Jagoda_a horrid nightmare for Kirsty... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:47


Comedy / light-hearted

A selection of cues written for more light-hearted and quirky scenes.

  1. Opening Titles scene - Room for Rent_a fun catchy Tango-esque opening melody leadng to gentle good natured underscore Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:03
  2. A Friendship Blossoms - Room for Rent_a sweet natured theme representing a friendship in it's early stages Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:54
  3. Closing Credits - Room for Rent_a humourous catchy melody for end credits Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:43
  4. Bedroom Underscore - Room for Rent_Light catchy comedic underscore Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:04
  5. Wacky Applicants! - Room for Rent_fun catchy tune in the style of Heinz Kiessling representing the bizarre characters! Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:30
  6. Opening Titles scene - Room for Rent_a stripped down version of the opening melody (used version) Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:59
  7. Pig! - Room for Rent_what a joker! More comedic underscore Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:38


Ambience – textural atmospheres / electronic soundscapes / sound design

A selection of cues focusing on a more contemporary modern textural style whilst still highly musical. Some are suspenseful and frightening, some wistful and lyrical and some a little mournful.

  1. Gone Cuckoo_End Credits - Tough Guy_a haunting and frightening ending for Mark... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:05
  2. Old Man Gonna Cause Trouble - Tough Guy_a cue full of dread and pent up aggression as the old man dares to challenge Mark... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:30
  3. Anthony Charles on Pitch - The Dark Side of Football_a sensitive mournful melody for dreamy piano Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:06
  4. Parent Photos Scene - My Plan To Escape_a beautiful wistful theme of sorrow Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:11
  5. Chase! - Tough Guy_a dramatic chase scene followed a by a heightened sense of fear of what's to come... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:37
  6. Eyes Opening - My Plan To Escape_more wistful meloncholia Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:55
  7. DeBeat - action / electronica Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:52
  8. Main Intro - The Dark Side of Football_an upbeat start seques into the darker realities... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:42
  9. Dean Windass inserts - The Dark Side of Football_a sorrowful melody for piano representing regret Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:42
  10. Anthony Charles Family scene - The Dark Side of Football_an affirming and gently joyful cue representing the simple pleasures Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:39
  11. Fabrice Muamba Heart Attack - The Dark Side of Football_a tense cue representing the fears of all those who watched what was unfolding Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:12
  12. Dream Scene - My Plan To Escape_a dreamy cue tinged with hints of menace Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:01
  13. Fabrice Muamba Fans Worried - The Dark Side of Football_a simple piano theme representing concern and hopes for a hero Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:44
  14. Vincent Pericard emptiness - The Dark Side of Football_a dreamy distant theme representing the emptiness once the glory goes... Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:42
  15. Regret Theme - The Dark Side of Football_a dreamy melody full of meloncholy representing regret Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:01


Otherother genres / concert & band compositions / songs

A small selection of tracks written for fun / personal sensitivities

  1. Broken Machine (excerpt) - a highly melodic and sensitive personal piece written for full string orchestra. Excerpt of the 15 minute piece. Aaron Narayan-Taylor 4:37
  2. Bass Funk Dirt - title says it all! A ludicrous over the top piece of electronic pop/rock mayhem! Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:04
  3. End credits (retro pop song) - short film_catchy instrumental piece in a retro vein Aaron Narayan-Taylor 2:05
  4. Swing It! (excerpt) - a highly melodic swing jazz piece in the style of Glenn Miller. A real treat! Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:48
  5. Demo - Come join us - forest themed percusison jam Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:35
  6. Clarke Carlisle Intro - The Dark Side of Football_ a catchy percussive rock riff with attitude Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:27
  7. Clarke Carlisle Final Words_End Credits - The Dark Side of Football_short catchy synth riff Aaron Narayan-Taylor 0:33
  8. 2nd Intro - The Dark Side of Football_a brit pop type cue to represent sporting heroism tinged with meloncholy Aaron Narayan-Taylor 1:11


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